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About Trent Anderson - The Downtown Chiropractor

Dr. Trent Anderson's philosophy: Get you in, get you adjusted, and get you moving again. Since Dr. Anderson acquired his doctorate from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1996, he has established two large practices offering multiple services and procedures. However, through those years he learned that where he personally gets the best and quickest result is simply through his skills as a chiropractic adjuster. That is why his vision at Anderson Chiropractic is to get people feeling better quickly by doing what he knows how to do best. Is there a time and place for other treatments or procedures? You bet, and if that is the case, he will happily refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider. As a second generation chiropractor, and the eighth one in his family, Dr. Anderson has experienced firsthand the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments throughout his life. He took a short break from the profession in 2008 to pursue some personal interests, but it wasn't long before Dr.Trent Anderson realized his true calling was to share his skills as a doctor and effective chiropractic adjuster. Dr. Anderson is ready to put his 15+ years of experience adjusting literally thousands of people to work for you.

Can I adjust myself and do I really need a chiropractor?

No, you cannot adjust yourself.  Manipulating vertebrae that are already too moveable doesn’t do a thing for your nerve pressure and in fact may do damage to the joints and the spinal curves.  However the vertebrae that are fixated or jammed (hypomobile) aren’t affected by “self-adjustment” demonstrations.  Unfortunately, these are the ones that are in need of the adjustment.  So yes, it is possible to “crack” yourself but as a rule it is not possible to give yourself an adjustment.