Welcome to Anderson Chiropractic!


101 W. Kirkwood Ave., Suite #7 Bloomington, IN 47404            812-322-3567

You live downtown. You work downtown. You shop, dine, exercise and play downtown. Now you can easily see your chiropractor, Dr. Trent Anderson, right downtown.

Located on Kirkwood Avenue in Fountain Square Mall in Bloomington, Dr. Trent Anderson, The Downtown Chiro, is your source for eliminating your neck and back pain quickly and conveniently. Stop in before work, between classes, at lunch, or on your way to the gym. Use only a few minutes of your day to get pain free and stay pain free. If you’re a student, don’t miss out on your chiropractic care just because you’re away at school. We’re right in your neighborhood, and can get you in, out and on with your day fast.

SIMPLY PUT, at Anderson Chiropractic, our focus is on the science and art of specific chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Anderson works to determine where joints in the spine and extremities are not working properly and he will directly address and treat those dysfunctional areas to relieve pain and restore proper function as quickly as possible. Compressed nerves can cause pain, or affect the function of that body part to where those nerves travel. The nerve system controls every activity in the body; therefore, if there is some compression, interference, or slowing of nerve function, we will have problems and CANNOT live at a pain free, optimal level.

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